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Engine Harness Service and PCM ECM TCM Programming Pricing


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  • $399.00 - Stand Alone Engine Wiring Harness Rewire Service for any 1994-2016 engine and transmission
  • $149.00 - PCM ECM ECU TCM programming and tuning for any 1994-2015 engine and transmission. Free retunes for changing axle ratio and tire size, etc. $25.00 TCM programming fee with ECM Programming.
  • Included - Linked Micro Relays with 2 Foot 12 Gauge Wire Leads to the fans, fuel pump, Keyed hot, and starter relay trigger. Includes Weatherproof Fused Link Connector with Fuse. 2 Foot 12 Gauge Battery Positive Wire Lead with Terminal. (Fan and A/C relays $10.00 extra per relay.)
  • $55.00 - Any length 12 gauge wire leads to the fans, any length 12 gauge wire to the fuel pump, keyed hot wire and starter relay trigger wire. Includes Weatherproof Fused Link Connector with Fuse. 2 Foot Battery Positive Lead with Terminal to power relays.
  • $149.00 - Optional Fuse Block With 5 Micro Relays and 10 Fuses with any length 12 gauge leads to the fans, any length 12 gauge to the fuel pump, keyed hot wire and starter relay trigger wire. Battery Positive Stud on bottom of fuse block for a 2-4 Gauge Wire to run to battery or alternator.
  • $39.00 - $75.00 - Engine Harness and PCM shipping USPS Priority mail insured
  • Included - New Diagnostic port and up to 12 Feet of wiring with your engine wiring harness service.
  • Included - New Micro 30/40 amp bosch style relays and harnesses for your fuel pump, ignition, starter. Relays, bases and wiring for fans and air conditioning $10.00 extra.
  • Included - New split loom when needed for your engine wiring harness
  • Included - Wrapped split loom in new electrical tape along with new tape inside the engine harness
  • Included - Labeled engine wiring harness with instructions.
  • $5.00 - Long leads into the vehicle for your VSS, Tach, OIL, Temp, MIL, TCC, Reverse Lights, Park Switch, 4WD, Cruise, Serial Data, etc with any wire Length.


  • $55.00 - Drive By Wire foot pedal harness lengthen or add in. Includes foot pedal connector.
  • $75.00 - Drive By Wire to cable throttle conversion. Adds TPS and IAC connectors and wiring along with correct O2 sensor wiring
  • $55.00 - Add LS1 EV1 or LS2 LS3 EV6 injector connectors. Requires purchasing special pin crimpers if adding it yourself.
  • $35.00 - Replace missing MAF connector and wiring 1994-2015 harnesses
  • $25.00 - Replace missing IAT connector and wiring 1994-2002
  • $55.00 - Add LS3 MAP sensor connector and lengthen wiring.
  • $25.00 - Add LS1, LS2, vortec MAP sensor connector
  • $25.00 - Convert from 4L60E to 4L80E. Adds second VSS and proper repinning.
  • FREE - Convert from 4L80E to 4L60E. Only requires moving, removing, adding, and repinning wires.
  • $25.00 - Add T-56 reverse lockout wiring.
  • $25.00 - Add T-56 or 4L60E vehicle speed sensor connector and wiring
  • $15.00 - Replace missing O2 sensor connector.
  • $15.00 - Replace broken LT1 LT4 L99 map sensor connector
  • $25.00 - 2007-2015 LS3 L99 L76 LY6 LS7 foot pedal connector
  • $25.00 - Extra unwrapping fee for CTSV and GTO engine wiring harnesses

PCM Supplied by us with Programming

  • $250.00 - 99-02 PCM ECM supplied by us for LSX. Custom programmed and tuned. Service number 12200411 and 09354896. usually cable throttle and can be used for DBW.
  • $250.00 - 03-07 PCM ECM supplied by us For LSX. Custom programmed and tuned. Usually drive by wire but sometimes can be used for cable throttle applications. Service numbers 12576106, 12581565, 12586242, 12586243, 12589462, 12589463, 12602801, 12602802
  • $275.00 - 07-13 E38 ECM supplied by us for Gen 4 LSX engines. Custom programmed and tuned. Drive By Wire only.
  • $275.00 - 14-15 E92 ECM supplied by us for Gen 4 LSX engines. Custom programmed and tuned. Drive By Wire only.